Our Selection

Thirsty? You came to the right place.

If you’re looking for a “pint of the black stuff” or other classics from Ireland and England we have the classics on tap and bottled waiting for you

if you’re in the mood for something local we proudly offer not only a selection of Trumer beer on tap but Stiegl as well to make sure our guests from abroad as well as those at home in Salzburg can enjoy a Variety of homegrown goodness as well as lots of bottles from craft beer to cider we strive to keep the best selection in stock for our guests.

Something stronger? Relax, we have you covered. Our staff and managers are always expanding and refining our selections of whisky and whiskies along with our other spirits to ensure that we can provide the perfect dram for the perfect occasion, not sure whats right for you? No problem. Just ask one of our knowledgeable staff who will happily point you in the right direction.

Time to celebrate? The answer is always yes. You’re in Salzburg, at the best Irish pub in town so if its to kick off the night, keep the party going, or one for the road, let our bartenders set you and yours up with a little something fast and tasty.

That the drinks are covered, we couldn’t just leave our guests without something to eat! That’s why we offer a selection of Pizzas and Baguettes along side our drinks menu to make sure all your needs are met.